Limited Editions


These marco expansions of my work with paint observe and capture details of paint behaviours within my paintings. They are intimate scenes or recordings of the fluid intelligence of painterly substances that become suspended once desiccated on the canvas surface. 

With a fascination for capturing and honouring process, my limited-edition series delves deeper into the life and behaviour paint in my artworks through the lens of macro digital photographic technology.

This work raises questions of duality in regard to perspective and perception.The images create ‘macro-micro ambiguities’, for example simultaneously perceiving the impression of an aerial landscape and one of a microscopic representation.

Our eyes act as our translator from the external world into the internal world. The brain’s job is to make sense of what comes in from its sensory apparatus. Familiar shapes, tones, and textures are revealed in the paint, as seen in geography and biology. Most importantly the viewer creates their meaning of the artwork.



Materials for the limited-edition series:

Paper: museum-quality Giclee print on archival cotton rag paper. Signed, unframed, 100-year exhibition quality.

Aluminium sheet: image infused into the surface of the aluminium with a hanging system. Highly durable and suitable for wet areas and outdoors.

Circular Acrylic Sheet: image applied to the back of the sheet supplied with a hanging system.

Canvas: Signed on the back of the canvas and framed with classic shadow-line framing.

100cm x 100cm 

Signed Editions of 50


Circular Series

120cm x 120cm 

Signed Editions of 50


Square Series

170cm x 120cm 

Signed Editions of 50


Rectangular Series